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Echoes Of The Past - May 27, 2017
May, 1927
May 26: Advertisement: Gratifying Values! Lovely Underthings! Appropriate Gifts For June Brides & Graduates
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The Parker Department Store Inc., “Pay The Cash & Pay Less.” 

May 27: Pocketbook Is Found
Whenever anyone loses anything of value and comes to The Virginian office to advertise it, the question “Is there any chance of its being returned” is invariably asked.

And just as invariably we reply:

“If an honest person found it, you will be sure to get it back. If a dishonest person found it, you may have your ad read a dozen times by the thief (for such he is) and you’ll never get it.

Night before last, Mr. M.I. Rakes lost a pocketbook containing upwards of $100 in cash and other valuables.

Yesterday, he advertised it in The Virginian.

And the paper was hardly out before he got a phone call telling him his pocketbook had been found with everything it contained.

Mr. Raikes got it back because an honest boy had found it.

He is young James Oliver, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arch Oliver, of Bath Street.

We are certain Mr. Raikes commended his honesty with a handsome reward.

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Echoes Of The Past - May 25, 2017
May, 1927
May 24: Couple Returns Home From Visit
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Arritt and the former’s mother, Mrs. Callie Arritt, returned home Sunday night from Lynchburg, where they had been visiting Mrs. Arritt’s daughter, Miss Inez Arritt, who underwent an operation in Memorial Hospital. 

May 25: Sheriff Makes Raid
Sheriff Bob Dyche, Chief Campbell and others staged a raid which netted 60 gallons of alleged illicit booze. Two Walkers, old offenders and several other persons were arrested in the raid

Thursday, May 25, 2017
Echoes Of The Past - May 23, 2017
May, 1927

May 22: Fake Messages Are Sent On Paris Flight
Long before young Lindbergh had landed at Paris at 4:21 (Eastern Standard Time) this afternoon (9:21 p.m. Paris Time), wireless reports had him at the end of his journey.

At the Hot Springs, those who came out from lunch shortly after 2 o’clock, learned by “wireless” that the daring young aviator was at the end of his journey.

As a matter of fact, he did not land until over two hours later.

One wireless report which came to Covington at 10 a.m. today said Lindbergh had passed over London at 8 a.m.

At that hour, he was hundreds of miles out in the Atlantic.

He never passed over London at all.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Echoes Of The Past - May 20, 2017
May, 1927
May 19: Midland Trail Represented At Highway Meeting
The State Highway Commission held public hearings at Staunton yesterday on allocation of money for roads in the Staunton, Culpeper and Lynchburg districts.

The Midland Trail was represented at this hearing by delegations headed by B.C. Moomaw Jr., secretary of the Covington Chamber of Commerce; Hon. E.A. Snead, member of the House of Delegates for Alleghany County; Mr. Paul Feener, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of Clifton Forge and Captain M.B. Corse, Captain Greenlee D. Letcher, Hon. Frank Moore and Mayor Rhodes of Lexington.

Tentative allocations had been made to the Midland Trail, west of Covington, of $150,000 and between Covington and Clifton Forge of $69,000.

One survey party is already at work west of Covington and the highway commission has informed Mr. Moomaw that another party has been ordered in the first of next week to work from Crow’s toward Covington.

Saturday, May 20, 2017
Echoes Of The Past - May 18, 2017
May, 1927

May 17: Specialist Visits Chief Fred Jesser
For the first time, The Virginian learned today from one of the fire department boys that Chief Fred Jesser is suffering painfully as a result of Friday’s fire at the O’Gara Hotel, his eyes, especially giving him much trouble as a result of the hot ashes he encountered in constant exposure that day.

The chief is confined to his home and an eye specialist will visit him this afternoon.

We believe that those of us who appreciate the hard work the chief does at every fire would give him much pleasure by dropping by for a word of encouragement. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

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